How do I change my name?
  • Submit your paperwork (marriage certificate, etc.) to Business Services Specialist who will prepare paperwork, have it signed by your departmental director and file with HR.
How do I change my withholdings?
I receive an error message “no assigned supervisor” when trying to submit my time sheet. How do I correct?
  • Contact your departmental administrative assistant or the Business Services Specialist who can add your supervisor in PeopleSoft. Once your supervisor has been added, you can submit your time sheet.
How do I add a dependent to my insurance?
  • You must experience a qualifying event to make mid-year changes to your health benefits if it is not during the annual Open Enrollment period (typically in the Fall).
  • Employee would need to complete a new health benefits enrollment form, a spouse/dependent affidavit form, and supply required documentation, i.e. hospital discharge papers, birth cert, marriage cert, etc.
  • For more information, use this link: https://hr.umbc.edu/benefits/
Where can I get more information on tuition remission?
How do I sign up to receive emergency alerts?