Enrollment Management Business Continuity Plans

UMBC Enrollment Management (Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic and Pre-Professional Advising, and Registrar) provides critical and time sensitive services to members of our community including internal and external constituents.  Rare and unforeseen circumstances may occur which could impact delivery of these services. In the event of such occurrences, we are committed to being prepared to promptly resume critical operations, minimizing the impact of these disruptions on our constituents.  Members of the UMBC community can be assured in knowing that our business continuity planning has prepared us well to sustain critical services without significant disruption. Below are the Business Continuity Plans for individual Enrollment Managements departments.

Business Continuity Plans

EM Business Continuity Project Plan 
EM Business Continuity Guiding Principles
EM Commitment to Business Continuity
OAPA Business Continuity Documentation
OEM Business Continuity Documentation
OFAS Business Continuity Documentation 
Registrar Business Continuity Documentation 
Emergency Contact List